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                    Core Products

                    SFD3000B Portable Elevating Work Light

                    Railway, electric power, public security, fire-fighting, municipal building, bridges, tunnels and other industries.
                    Function of lamp heads:
                    a.      Two 500W Philips lamps;
                    Illumination radius:
                    a.      2-section telescopic cylinder; maximum lifting height: 2.8m.
                    b.      Illumination angle: adjustable up and down;
                    c.       Illumination radius: up to 35-55m.
                    Lighting hour: It can be connected with a generator directly or connected with 220V main power for long-time lighting.
                    Applicable locations:
                    a.       Adjustable tripod can be easily fixed and conveniently folded up, applicable to a variety of terrains.
                    b.      Light weight, portable, wide application scope, etc.
                    Customized service: If the standard configuration of the product can't satisfy working demands of customers, our company can make arrangements according to customer requirements through adjusting lamp head quantity at lamp disc, power, floodlight or spotlight type, elevating height of the telescopic cylinder so as to meet the individual demands of customers.
                    Technical parameters
                    1.Rated voltage   220V
                    2.Light source working voltage    220V
                                 Lamp head power 2*500W
                                 luminous flux of lamp head 2*10000Lm
                                 Average service life   10000h
                    3.Working time     main power supply long time
                    4.Telescopic cylinder minimum height    1200mm
                                Maximum elevating height   2800mm
                    5.Dimension   700*160*450mm
                    6.Weight    8kg
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