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                    Core Products

                    FD5810 Multifunctional Alarm Light

                    Railway, metallurgy, electric power, public security, oil fields, petrochemical industries.
                    High efficacy& energy-saving:
                    a. LED light;
                    b. High efficacy, long life, energy-saving & environment-friendly.
                    c. Excellent IC controlling circuit design, two working modes: sound mode & sound-light mode.
                    d. Sound intensity of alarm: more than 115dB.
                    Rechargeable battery:
                    a.      High-energy & non-memory battery;
                    b.      Large capacity, low self-discharge rate, energy-saving and environment-friendly.
                    Safe & reliable:
                    a.      Advanced optical principle, optimized sealing structural design;
                    b.      Shell: imported engineering plastic; can withstand strong collision & impact.
                    Easy to use:
                    a.       Small volume & light weight;
                    b.      Carrying methods: table–laying, hand & magnetic attachment, etc.
                    Technical parameters
                    1.Rated voltage     DC3.7V
                    2.Rated capacity   4Ah
                    3.Light source(LED)   current    250mA
                                      Average service life   100000h
                    4.Continous lighting hour    >15h
                    5.Charging hour        after used normally    6h
                                        After the battery runs out   8h
                    6.Battery service life recyclable about 1000 times
                    7.Dimension     96*96*165mm
                    8.Weight      0.6kg
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                    by application
                    Aviation Industry
                    Electric Power Industry
                    Police & Fire fighting
                    Petroleum & Petrochemical
                    Railway Industry
                    Metallurgical Industry
                    The coal industry
                    Shipbuilding industry