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                    Core Products

                    CON6028 Explosion proof Rechargeable Torch

                    Single-police equipment, public security, duty rooms, joint-defense teams, criminal police, armed police, railway, electric power, oilfields, petrochemical and metallurgical enterprises for patrol and defense.
                    a.      With China national explosion-proof certificate;
                    b.      Can be used safely in various flammable & explosive places.
                    High efficacy & energy-saving:
                    a.      LED light, average life: 150,000 hours.
                    b.      Reflector: high-tech coating treatment, high reflectivity.
                    c.       Triple function: illumination, flash and long distance indication.
                    Rechargeable Battery:
                    Polymer lithium-ion battery: no memory, large capacity, long life, low self-discharge rate, healthy & environment-friendly.
                    a.      Attack lamp head: With function of subduing and inducing pain with attacks.
                    b.      Aviation alloy: waterproof, compressive andante-fragile; can work in strong impact, high& low temperature and other harsh environmental conditions.
                    Intelligent protection:
                    Internal circuit has the over charge & discharge preventive, short circuit protection device and switch mistaken-pressing-preventive functions.
                    Technical parameters
                    1. Explosion-proof mark: Ex dIICT6 Explosion-proof Certificate No.: CE081385
                    2. Shell Protection grade: IP65
                    3. Rated voltage   3.7V
                    4. Rated capacity   2Ah
                    5. Light sourceLED rated power      3W              
                                      Average work current strong light   700mA                    
                                                           Work light   200mA                 
                                     Luminous flux          strong light ≥130Lm                                 
                                                            Work light ≥60Lm
                                     Average life       ≥100000h
                    6. Continuous lighting hour strong light      ≥3h
                                              Work light       ≥9h
                    7. Charge hour         5h
                    8. Battery service life recyclable about1500 times
                    9. Dimension        40*150mm
                    10. Weight           0.2kg

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