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                    Core Products

                    BRW5130A High Power Explosion proof Headlight

                    Railway, electric power, public security, fire-fighting, oilfield, petrochemical, metallurgy industries.
                    a.      With China national explosive-proof certificate;
                    b.      Can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places.
                    High efficiency:
                    a.      LED light, low heat, low current;
                    b.      power consumption only 20% of the incandescent light;
                    c.       Long-term maintenance-free; average life: 100,000h.
                    Rechargeable Battery:
                    a.      Polymer lithium-ion battery;
                    b.      Lighting time: 12h, meeting the requirement for long hour-work.
                    Intelligent protection:
                    a.      Intrinsically safe circuit: with overcharge& over-discharge resistant function & short circuit protection device.
                    b.      Microprocessor control circuit can protect the battery capacity and the discharge time.
                    Applicable environment:
                    a.      Impact-resistant materials, fine surface treatment & integrated structure, waterproof, dustproof, anti-static and good corrosion resistant;
                    b.      Can work in various atmospheres.
                    Easy to use: work light & signal light; easy to carry by carrying on a safety helmet, hand carrying or waist carrying,
                    Technical Parameters:
                    1. Explosion-proof mark: Ex edIICT6   
                    3. Patent No.: 200530045762.5
                    4. Shell protection grade: IP65
                    5. Rated voltage: 3.7V
                    6. Rated capacity: 4Ah
                    7. Rated power: 1W
                    8. Luminous flux: 80lm
                    9. Average life: 100000h
                    10. Continuous lighting hour: 12h
                    11. Charging time: 8h
                    12. Life of battery: about 1500times
                    13. Size: 86*61*75mm
                    14. Weight: 0.2Kg
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