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                    Core Products

                    BFD5800 Explosion proof Indicator Light

                    Metallurgy, railway, electric power, public security, oil fields, petrochemical industries for warning signals.
                    a.      With China national explosion-proof authority;
                    b.      Can work in various flammable and explosive places (including zone O).
                    High efficacy & energy-saving:
                    LED light, low energy consumption, long life, continuous working time: over 100h.
                    a.      Germany bullet-proof materials, full sealing structure;
                    b.      Can work 100 meters under water;
                    c.       Ultra-strong penetrability of water, rain and fog within the range of 300-500 meters.
                    Usage: Carrying methods: suspender, buckle, binding or magnetic attachment.
                    Applicable Environment:
                    a.      Special corrosion-proof coating treatment;
                    b.      °C 150°C.Can work normally in highly corrosive environment or under conditions with temperature within -60
                    Color for warning: red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc.
                    Technical parameters:
                    1. Explosion-proof mark: Ex iaIICT6   Explosion-proof certificate No.: CNEx05.0821
                    2. shell protection grade: IP68100m
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                    by application
                    Aviation Industry
                    Electric Power Industry
                    Police & Fire fighting
                    Petroleum & Petrochemical
                    Railway Industry
                    Metallurgical Industry
                    The coal industry
                    Shipbuilding industry