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                    Core Products

                    BYC6120 Explosion proof Floodlight

                    Explosive and flammable locations, roads, indoor& outdoor operation and constructions.
                    Explosion-proof: With China national explosive-proof certificate; can be used safely in all flammable and explosive fields.
                    Energy-efficient: MH light; high luminous efficiency; average life: 10000h. 
                    Applicable Environment: Anti-rust, color-changeless, waterproof & rainproof performances, can work for a long time in outdoor environments.
                    Mounting Mode: pendent mount, wall mount, ceiling mount and pole-support mount.
                    Technical parameters:
                    1. Explosion-proof Mark: Ex dIIBT4/T6
                    2. Explosion-proof certificate No.: CNEx05.1364
                    3.Patent No.: 200530045760.6
                    4.Votage: AC220V/50Hz
                    5. Shell protection grade: IP65
                    6. Corrosion-proof grade: WF2
                    7. Inlet Screw thread: G3/4
                    8. Cable outer dia.:φ8-φ10mm
                    9. Insulation grade: Grade 1
                    10. Dimension:Lamp:360×260×180mm Ballast:360×265×110mm
                    11. Weight: Lamp:4.35Kg Ballast: 6.0Kg
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                    by application
                    Aviation Industry
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                    Petroleum & Petrochemical
                    Railway Industry
                    Metallurgical Industry
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                    Shipbuilding industry