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                    Core Products
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                    Subsidy policies for energy-efficient lamps were issued by D

                    Subsidy policies for energy-efficient lamps were issued by Development and Reform Commission on Energy Conservation and Pollution Reduction.  

                    Recently, it is learned from State Council energy saving and emission reduction work group that the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “Interim Measures on financial subsidies to promotion of efficient lighting products”. This is another important step to promote efficient lighting products and accelerate energy saving and emission reduction process.

                    The key support for financial subsidies is on replacing inefficient lighting products such as incandescent lights with ordinary self-ballasted fluorescent lights, triple-color double-ended straight fluorescent lamps (T8, T5), MH lamps, HPS and other electric light products, semiconductors (LED) lighting products and supporting ballast. Indirect measures are adopted for the subsidization. Promotion companies and the price agreement are generated from bidding. The subsidies are provided to winning enterprises who shall sell products to end-users at the price that resulted from deducting the subsidy fund from agreed price. The end-users and the urban and rural residents are the final beneficiaries. According to “Interim Measures”, subsidy of 30% of the agreed price shall be provided to bulk users for each efficient lighting product; subsidy of 50% of the agreed price shall be provided to urban and rural users for each efficient lighting product. The winning enterprises must ensure their lighting products have reached the national energy efficiency standards for evaluating value, with a perfect after-sales service system, with marks “Subsidized; Green Lighting Project” printed on the package and on the body.

                    National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance will assign tasks in batches to promote financial subsidies for efficient lighting products. Provincial authorities on energy conservation together with financial departments shall make specific implementation plans and organize the winner enterprises to carry out the promoting tasks, ensuring the fulfillment of promoting 150 million efficient lighting products with the aid of fiscal subsidies during “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period. It is estimated that the promotion will help save power 29 million kwh and reduce 29 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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