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                    NPC deputy Li Jian: Low-carbon economy calls to accelerate D

                    Li Jian, Deputy of National People's Congress, Party Secretary of Wuhan University, once served as director of National Semiconductor Lighting Project. In his view, it’s necessary that low-carbon economy be included in the government work report, and he recommended to further accelerate the development of semiconductor lighting industry as the era of low-carbon economy is coming.

                    Li Jian claimed that the semiconductor lighting is another revolution after incandescent lighting and fluorescent lighting. It saves much more energy than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Therefore, it is important to promote the development of low-carbon economy, especially important for low-carbon life. Our lighting electricity consumption reached 430 billion degrees last year, 12% of the total electricity consumption. If a quarter of the users choose semiconductor lighting, it shall save hundreds of billions degrees each year and reduce thousands of tons carbon dioxide emissions.

                    It developed rapidly since the national semiconductor lighting project was started in 2003 and the gross output value is expected to reach 100 billion yuan this year. In order to promote a better and faster development of the high-tech industry which is closely tied to the to people’s livelihood and make it grow into an emerging strategic industry, Li Jian suggested that first, to formulate policies that encourage use of semiconductor lighting as soon as possible. Appropriate amount of financial subsidies shall be promoted for those purchase semiconductor energy saving lamps to accelerate semiconductor lights into millions of households. The second is to increase efforts for key technologies breakthrough of semiconductor lighting industry and ry to master the core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Third, accelerate development with applications. Implement the model activity of “Bright cities” organized by Science and Technology department. Fourth, we should pay greater attention to standards and testing to ensure product quality and to promote the favorable development of this emerging industry.

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