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                    Tianjin Promotes High Efficient Lights

                    Recently, we learn from Tianjin Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology Committee that the goal of Tianjin Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Resources Utilization for 2010 has been established and energy consumption in Wanyuan area deceased by 4%. In addition, 10 million more lighting products will be on 2010 Tianjin central financial subsidy list to promote the use of energy efficient lighting products on the basis of 5 million last year, which will surely help further promote energy-saving society.

                    This year, Tianjin plans to promote the use of 60 million high efficient lighting products and continue to increase the popularity of green lighting products among common households with central financial subsidy. It is reported that Tianjin successfully fulfilled promotion of 5 million energy saving lamps in 2009, which feature high luminance, stable luminous efficiency, no color difference and economy. They can save 60-80% energy and increase life 4-6 times than conventional incandescent lighting products. From the perspective of electricity cost, it saves 294 degrees and more than 160 yuan electricity cost than a 60W incandescent lamp with the same effect during the life of 6000 hours, taking one 11W high-quality energy saving lamp, for instance.

                    In 2009, 120 million high efficient lighting products were promoted nationwide and the 600 million yuan special fund subsidy outlay for those who purchase energy saving lamps with 5 yuan per lamp. On this basis, the central government is going to allocate about 30 million yuan as subsidies for energy saving lamps among Tianjin residents this year.

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