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                    Core Products
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                    Propelling State Grid Development

                    Zhejiang Zhenghui made new contributions to professional lighting solutions

                    Since its establishment, Zhejiang Zhenghui Lighting Co., Ltd. has always been committed to state grid construction. Recently, it provided nearly a thousand lighting fixtures to Central China Grid Company Limited. These products have been widely used in the five central provinces, ensuring a safe and steady development of power enterprises.

                    With the aim of providing professional and human lighting products and services with philosophy of “concentrating on specialization”, Zhejiang Zhenghui Lighting Co., Ltd has made careful product planning and classification and devised special professional lighting solutions for electric power, metallurgy, railway, national defense, public security, fire fighting, oilfields, petrochemical, shipbuilding and water conservancy, etc. Once introduced, these lighting solutions immediately attracted the attention of customers from various enterprises. The marketing competitiveness of Zhenghui is improving sharply.

                    Portable explosion-proof lighting
                    Fixed explosion-proof lighting
                    Portable professional lighting
                    Fixed professional lighting
                    by application
                    Aviation Industry
                    Electric Power Industry
                    Police & Fire fighting
                    Petroleum & Petrochemical
                    Railway Industry
                    Metallurgical Industry
                    The coal industry
                    Shipbuilding industry