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                    President of Zhenghui attended Liaoning Provi

                    Chen Zhenggao, Governor of Liaoning Province, took a group photo with delegates after the forum. The fifth figure from the right in the photo is Zhu Changchun, president of Zhenghui; the sixed right one is Chen Zheng gao, Governor of Liaoning Province.

                    At 9 a.m. on 22 February, Liaoning Province Investment Promotion Forum was held in Wenzhou Wanhehaosheng Convention Center. Zhu Changchun, president of Zhenghui was invited to attend the forum.

                    At the meeting, Chen Zhenggao, Governor of Liaoning Province, described in detail to the participants of next-phase construction vision for Dandong New District in Liaoning Province: first, he insisted on carrying out the planning development and construction in parallel with strict implementation of the overall urban planning; second, he hoped that entrepreneurs to the meeting to make full use of the advantages its technology and human resources and a series of preferential policies made by local government for investment enterprises, seizing the opportunity that Liaoning coastal economic belt was promoted to state strategy list and building of major channel leading to the seas via eastern city group in China northeast in Dandong and ultimately the goal of "win-win" development was fulfilled.

                    In the ensuing investment forum, President Zhuchangchun made a detailed consultation regarding location, industries, geographical environment and preferential policies together with other 50 delegates from Shanghai, Wenzhou, Taizhou, etc, and all these questions were responded by the organizer. 

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