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                    Core Products
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                    Cooperating with PLA's General Logistics Department East Chi

                    Zhenghui helped push forward the modernization of national defense and the army.

                    Accompanied by president Zhuchangchun, leaders from General Logistics Department of East China Bureau visited and inspected Zhenghui on September 18, 2009. They gave high appreciation and recognition to the advanced production technology and strict work style.

                    During the visit, president Zhuchangchun introduced the production allocation, product structure and sales mode in detail, illustrating the using method of several lamps and carry out the field acceptance test for the products ordered by General Logistics Department of East China Bureau. The leaders expressed their highly praise for the responsible working attitude of Zhenghui people. They also appraised for the operation ideas of profession, safety, energy-saving and environmental protection during the period of development, furthermore, they expected to strengthen the contact and close cooperation with Zhenghui Company to be devoting to modern building of defense and army and strive for the construction of harmonious society.

                    Portable explosion-proof lighting
                    Fixed explosion-proof lighting
                    Portable professional lighting
                    Fixed professional lighting
                    by application
                    Aviation Industry
                    Electric Power Industry
                    Police & Fire fighting
                    Petroleum & Petrochemical
                    Railway Industry
                    Metallurgical Industry
                    The coal industry
                    Shipbuilding industry