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                    Core Products
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                    Wenzhou Light exporters welcome favorable future

                      On March15, we learned from Wenzhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine that the European Union has officially exempted the use of cadmium from LED, Wenzhou Light exporters welcome favorable future. Before that, many products had long been denied due to excessive amount of cadmium.

                    Light Emitting Diode LED is the acronym of Light Emitting Diode. LED is known as the fourth generation light source, featuring energy saving, environmental friendly, long life and small size, etc. On February 26, the EU Commission published in the Official communiqué that in view of the replacement of cadmium in LED is not technically promising, the commission decided to exempt the ban of cadmium in II-VI LED(< 10μg Candela per square millimeter emitting area) and this shall be added to appendix of RoHS as well.

                    Shen Xuanming, Deputy Director of Chemical mining Department, Wenzhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine, said that despite the exemption of cadmium restriction lowered the threshold of LED products into EU. However, strict demands are still required for LED products. Apart from Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive, they have to comply with RoHS and WEEE directive. Moreover, technical requirements vary with specific products.

                    One relevant official from Wenzhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine suggested that LED products are sunrise products for the time being. Wenzhou to EU LED exporters should seize the business opportunity, actively contact with the EU importers, organize production and test in accordance with the relevant technical regulations of the European Union and vigorously develop new products applicable to EU, promoting the export of Wenzhou LED products.

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